Kay Caldwell

Kay Caldwell a.k.a.Hollywood Kay

Kyle Caldwell, also known as Kay Caldwell, is an American rapper born from Norfolk, Va.  At an early age he developed a love for sports and excelled at basketball. While he always had a love for music, it wasn’t until the age of 10 that be began to take more notice of it. Whether it was hearing his mom playingKeep Your Head Up” by Tupac on a Sunday afternoon or listening to Bob Marley with his father, he soon began to sing along and by 12 wrote his first song. He continued to pursue his dream of being a basketball player until 10th grade when he decided that music was his calling. The time he spent away from sports gave him the chance to experience different parts of life-some good and some bad. Each situation was a story that he began to incorporate into his lyrics. By the time he turned 18, he had two older brothers in jail and Kay started taking the steps necessary to advance his music career. One year later he joined forces with Atlanta producer Chizzy and the CEO of MusicIsMyBusiness, Aaron Arnold. Working with them afforded Kay the opportunity to be featured onRun-It-Back”, which recently debuted on MTV. He was also featured on theGet ‘Em Girls” remix with Sony Australia recording artist Jessica Mauboy.  Kay continues to work on his own music, and has started to write and collaborate with other artists as well.