Dominique Brown

Chief Operating Officer

Dominique Brown was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a child, she had an intense admiration for athletics and music.  Although never praised for her musical abilities she played piano for a short period of time and participated in the school choir. However, Dominique’s athletic talents were stronger than her musical talents and she participated in various sports.

In an attempt to avoid working a job that she would be unhappy with, Dominique chose to major in Sport Management while at Hampton University.  She worked for various athletics organizations such as the University of Cincinnati Athletics, Hampton University Athletics and Disney Sports and Recreation.  Dominique also had interest in finance and math, which later aided in landing her a job with the Internal Revenue Service, Wells Fargo Bank and as a math tutor. Upon leaving her position at Wells Fargo, Dominique set her eyes on the music industry, not as an artist but as an executive. Dominique also holds a Master’s of Science in Administration degree from Central Michigan University.

In winter of 2010, she met Aaron Arnold, CEO of MusicIsMyBusiness and began working with him on various projects for companies including Sony and MTV. Within a year, she was promoted to COO of Music is My Business. Dominique is currently an active member in the National Association of Black Sports Professionals and The Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN).

Dominique is also the owner of Royal Cleaning, LLC, a commercial cleaning company and the Program Director of the Dominique Brown Scholarship Foundation, which gives financial assistance to students at her high school, attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities.