Jason “DJ Shogun” Murdock

Jason “DJ Shogun” Murdock:

Growing up in Queens, NY, Shogun took an interest in DJ-ing during the “Golden Age” of Hip-Hop. During this time, he realized the power and influence of a DJ.  His influences included: Gangstarr’s Premier, Marly Marl, Pete Rock and Kid Capri. Intrigued by his new found love, young Shogun put his skills to the test, making personal mix tape and doing local parties.

Solidifying his reputation, Shogun was recognized for his mix tapes by the Justo’s Mixtape Awards, a legendary ceremony where stars like Diddy, 50 Cent, Wu-Tang Clan and more have walked across the stage to accept their titles. He is a 4 time nominee DJ for theBest Blends” category. DJ Shogun has produced mix tapes/CD’s, which range from “Queens-style” R&B blends to underground/independent hip-hop. His tapes have been floating around worldwide since ’95.

DJ Shogun, an international club mixologist, has blessed many crowds in the most trendiest clubs for events like MTV’s Video Music Award after-parties & Rock Fashion Week Miami to spinning at the Michael Jordan Celebrity Golf Invitationals in Atlantis, Bahamas, he has proven to be well versed for various genres of crowd.  He’s also rocked parties in London and  At these popular spots he was able to groom himself as a brand; a rare effort on behalf of DJ’s not aligned with media outlets. He also serves as MusicIsMyBusiness’ Chief Technology Officer. He has a graduate of Hofstra University where he studied Information Technology.